International Day of Prayer : Nov. 8th

But we don't have to wait until then to start praying. Duh.

It's good to pray for persecuted Christians in general... but let's try to be specific too.

There's so much going on in so many places. But we have to start somewhere.

Here is some recent information that I read on Nigeria:

In a country where tribal living still exists, whole Christian villages have been burned down and destroyed by Muslim radicals. Nigerian Christians not only worry about lack of food, education, and resources, but they are also under significant pressure to convert to Islam or be killed.
Twelve northern states have imposed Islamic law in the past eight years, and there have been repeated outbreaks of ethnic and religious violence, claiming many lives. More than 100 Christians were killed during 2008 and the destruction of many churches and kidnapping of believers continued through the year. In November of 2008, communal violence in the city of Jos resulted in six pastors killed, 40 churches destroyed, and 369 Christians critically injured.
There is much bribery and severe corruption in Nigeria. For instance: recently, the former Governor of the state came to a small Christian village in northern Nigeria. The Christians there are constantly struggling with poverty, so the Governor brought money, cloth, and other material benefits. However, he offered all of this to the village on the condition that they become Muslims.
'Since there is poverty here, that was a real temptation for us,' a Christian told Open Doors. 'But we declined [the offer]... we try to remember that it is better to remain poor and cling to our faith than to have riches and betray our beliefs.'

What I can pray about for Nigeria....

:: For comfort and healing for those caught up in the violence
:: That in the midst of poverty and harsh circumstances, the joy and purpose of the truth would be evident to the Christians in Nigeria
:: For Christian parents raising their children in a society dominated by Islam, especially for the spouses of widows and murdered pastors.

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