There's a power in poverty 
That breaks principalities
And brings the authorities 
Down to their knees
There's a brewing frustration 
And ageless temptation
To fight for control by some manipulation

The God of the Kingdoms and the God of the Nations
The God of creation 
Sends this revelation
Through the homeless and penniless
Jesus the son
The poor will inherit the Kingdom to come

Where will we turn 
When our world falls apart
And all of the treasures we've stored in our barns
Can't buy the Kingdom of God
Who will we praise when we've praised all our lives
Men who build kingdoms 
And men who build fame
But heaven does not know their names
What will we fear when all that remains
Is God on his throne, with a child in his arms 
And love in his eyes
And the sound of his heart cries

J. Upton



all you great men of power, you who boast of your feats-
politicians and entrepreneurs-
can you safeguard your breath in the night while you sleep?
keep your heart beating steady and sure?
as your lie in your bed, does the thought haunt your head
that you're really, rather small?
if there's one thing i know in this life: we are beggars all.

all you champions of science and rulers of men,
can you summon the sun from its sleep?
does the earth seek your counsel on how fast to spin?
can you shut up the gates of the deep?
don't you know that all things hang, as if by a string,
over the darkness- poised to fall?
if there's one things i know in this life: we are beggars all.

all you big shots that swagger and stride with conceit,
did you devise how your frame would be formed?
if you'd be raised in a palace, or live out in the streets?
did you choose the place or the hour you'd be born?
tell me what can you claim? not a thing- not your name.
tell me if you can recall,
just one thing, that's not a gift in this life?

can you hear what's been said?
can you see now that everything is grace after all?
if there's one things I know in this life: we are beggars all.

d. kensrue '09


No Words Needed


International Day of Prayer : Nov. 8th

But we don't have to wait until then to start praying. Duh.

It's good to pray for persecuted Christians in general... but let's try to be specific too.

There's so much going on in so many places. But we have to start somewhere.

Here is some recent information that I read on Nigeria:

In a country where tribal living still exists, whole Christian villages have been burned down and destroyed by Muslim radicals. Nigerian Christians not only worry about lack of food, education, and resources, but they are also under significant pressure to convert to Islam or be killed.
Twelve northern states have imposed Islamic law in the past eight years, and there have been repeated outbreaks of ethnic and religious violence, claiming many lives. More than 100 Christians were killed during 2008 and the destruction of many churches and kidnapping of believers continued through the year. In November of 2008, communal violence in the city of Jos resulted in six pastors killed, 40 churches destroyed, and 369 Christians critically injured.
There is much bribery and severe corruption in Nigeria. For instance: recently, the former Governor of the state came to a small Christian village in northern Nigeria. The Christians there are constantly struggling with poverty, so the Governor brought money, cloth, and other material benefits. However, he offered all of this to the village on the condition that they become Muslims.
'Since there is poverty here, that was a real temptation for us,' a Christian told Open Doors. 'But we declined [the offer]... we try to remember that it is better to remain poor and cling to our faith than to have riches and betray our beliefs.'

What I can pray about for Nigeria....

:: For comfort and healing for those caught up in the violence
:: That in the midst of poverty and harsh circumstances, the joy and purpose of the truth would be evident to the Christians in Nigeria
:: For Christian parents raising their children in a society dominated by Islam, especially for the spouses of widows and murdered pastors.


Restoring Eden

Postmodern thought or just hippie christians... or both... what do you think?

Either way, I think the idea of RestoringEden is pretty neat.

photo via FlowerDust


words of true humility from Dorothy Day

"The only way to live in any true security is to live so close to the bottom that when you fall you do not have far to drop, you do not have much to lose."

quote via Verse and Voice, photo via WhosoeverDesires


Pastor horrifically killed in Oklahoma

A 61-year-old pastor who was killed on August 23 in a rural Oklahoma church was found lying behind the altar with her arms outstretched in a "crucifix position", according to various reports. This is just one of the latest details to emerge in the killing of Carol Daniels, whose nude body was found in the Christ Holy Sanctified Church in Anadarko, Oklahoma, in a crime scene the district attorney described as "horrific." Her clothes were taken from the scene, and a dissolving agent had been sprayed around her body. The coroner's report indicated that she had tried to fight off her attacker before her throat was slashed and she was nearly decapitated. Severe lacerations were found on her back, chest, hands, neck and stomach. Several of the wounds had been inflicted post-mortem – after she died. It is becoming obvious that this was far more than just a robbery gone wrong but that the attacker was enraged and his attack deliberate.

Here is a brief interview with a couple members of her family.



Persecution in Orissa, India ... on-going

This is something you can do to make a difference... and it will take you 3 minutes.  Seriously. 

Watch the Video on Orissa, and then automatically e-mail a U.S Representative (it will be set up for you on the same page). 

This is the 1 year anniversary of Open Doors' Orissa Campaign, and I strongly urge you to take part.  


If you have 6 minutes...

The images are definitely real. 

If you have some time, watch it.   And if you do, wait for the end... it's pretty grabbing.  

Awaken Something

The title of this blog seems abstract. 

It is.

However, the point comes here:  our culture is numb.  

I am numb.

The goal here is to awaken something.  Some feeling.  Some knowledge.  Some awareness. Something.  Anything.  

Stories will be shared, movements will be made, and hopefully you, Reader, will engage.  

As you may or may not know... right now, all over the world, people are suffering for their faith. They are being shunned, harassed, beaten, tortured, raped, and murdered.   

And now, at this moment, I invite you to step into a world where something inside of you can be awakened by something.  


los angeles fires

intense. these happen all over the world, but i've never been so close.
notice all the cars whizzing by on the freeway... not a care in the world... but look, the mountains are on fire.

people are losing their homes left and right.
reminds me of those all over the world that lose their homes from inflicted disaster rather than natural disaster..
no thank you heat, but thank you firefighters and brave families.